The Coordination & Follow-Up Committee in Seeking Justice and Clarifications on Bennis’s Murder

January 7, 2006

(Montréal, Qc. 06/01/06) - On December 1, 2005, Mohamed Annas Bennis was shot dead, as he was returning from morning prayers, by an SPVM police officer. The Police says he was carrying a knife and attempted to stab an officer who was present at the scene of an earlier unrelated arrest.

Those who knew Bennis insist that the Police allegations against him are completely incompatible with his personality and character.

Furthermore, many serious questions remain unanswered in spite of the repeated efforts to try to uncover what really happened the morning Bennis was killed.

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Letter to Charest For Bennis
Letter to Mayor Tremblay for Bennis

Many members of the community are concerned that Bennis may have been an unfortunate victim of racial profiling or raw racism.

On Saturday, January 7, 2006, members of the Muslim community, together with many conscious minded Quebecers, will peacefully demonstrate, from the Police Headquarter to the City Hall, in protest of the total silence and lack of transparency in the investigation of the killing of Bennis, requesting total clarification of this incidence and assurances that there will be zero tolerance against racial profiling in the Police force.

WHAT: Peaceful Demonstration Protesting the Handling of Mr. Bennis’s Murder.

WHEN: Saturday, January 7, 10:30 A.M.

   Departing from: Place des Arts (at St Catherine)
   Destination:Montréal City Hall