Muslim Council of Montreal deeply concerned over recent events in Egypt; calls for concrete action from the Canadian government to help end the violence

August 16, 2013

Montreal, Quebec, August 16th, 2013 - The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) expressed its deep concern and disappointment over the recent military attacks on peaceful demonstrations in Egypt, which have left hundreds dead and thousands wounded thus far.

"In the six weeks since the military coup d’état, there has been a continuous escalation of severe violence and brutality against the civilian population of Egypt," stated Salam Elmenyawi, President of MCM. “It is alarming and shameful that the Canadian government has not adequately condemned the military’s abuse of power and violence, nor called for the restoration of the legitimate government that was democratically elected. If our government values democracy at all, it must take concrete steps to help end the ongoing massacre of innocents, restore the democracy and bring the perpetrators to justice. Allowing such brutality and injustice to continue will have harrowing consequences not only for the future of Egypt, but also for  the political stability and peace of the entire region."

MCM further calls on the Canadian government to immediately suspend all military exports to Egypt and to assist with the emergency medical assistance. All Canadians are also asked to donate generously to registered charitable organizations working to provide emergency relief assistance in Egypt.

Egyptian President Morsi was the first elected president in the country, after the citizen's revolt early in 2011 which overthrew the autocratic government of Hosni Mubarak. Morsi's government was forcefully removed from power by a military coup d’état in June.


Salam Elmenyawi

Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM)

Ph.: (514) 748-8427




 The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) is an umbrella organization representing a number of Islamic institutions in the Montreal region. There are over 300,000 Muslims in Montreal, about 1,250,000 in Canada and 1.9 billion worldwide.