Muslim community elated as Judge declares Adil Charkaoui totally free

September 25, 2009

MCM calls for an enquiry into abuses


Montreal, Quebec, September 25th, 2009- The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) applauds yesterday’s decision from Federal Court Judge Danièle Tremblay-Lamer in taking necessary steps to drop the security certificate against Adil Charkaoui and for lifting all conditions on him.


“We congratulate Mr. Charkaoui in succeeding to clear his name and regain his freedom and also thank Judge Lamer for upholding the values of justice and liberty that were threatened by the government,” stated Salam Elmenyawi, president of MCM. “We hope this is the beginning of the end of the nightmare caused by the security certificates and that similar rulings will soon follow for the remaining four Canadian Muslims being currently targeted.”


Mr. Charkaoui, a landed immigrant from Morocco and permanent resident of Montreal, has been subjected to the security certificate since 2003. Despite not being charged with any criminal offense, Mr. Charkaoui was imprisoned from 2003 to 2005, after the federal government accused him of having links to terrorism. Following his release from prison, he was forced to live under restrictive bail conditions, including house arrest and having to wear an electronic tracking device on his ankle for the past four years.


“Despite the happiness and relief that comes with this ruling, nothing can take away the pain Mr. Charkaoui and his family have suffered for the past six years,” Elmenyawi said. “National security is of course a priority to us all, but the federal government cannot continue to sacrifice civil rights and charter protections and target individuals on mere suspicion without credible evidence.”


MCM calls on the government to launch an impartial investigation to examine the abuses that occurred in Mr. Charkaoui’s case, and in other similar cases, in order to ensure no more lives are destroyed like this. MCM calls for a system of checks and balances to protect the civil liberties of those involved and also asks the federal government to duly compensate the victims of the security certificates.


Security certificates still remain in place against four other Canadian Muslim men, Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah, Hassan Almrei and Mohamed Harkat. All four have been released on house arrest after periods of detention.




Salam Elmenyawi

Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM)

Ph.: (514) 748-8427




The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) is an umbrella organization representing a number of Islamic institutions in the Montreal region. There are over 200,000 Muslims in Montreal, about 900,000 in Canada and 1.7 billion worldwide.