Fasting the 9th and 10th of Muhrram = Tuesday and Wednesday

January 4, 2009
This is to let you know that the 9th and 10th of Muhrram will coincide with this Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 6th and 7th.
We were asked by the Prophet (saaw) to fast these two days. As you know, the duaa of the fasting person at Iftar time (which is a special time after fulfilling the Ibada) is accepted by Allah Taala.
Therefore, please try to fast these two special days and make duaa for the people of Gaza, and the whole Muslim umma, at this special time. May Allah unite us all on His Sunna and the Sunna of His Messenger (saaw) and give the people of Gaza victory and perseverance as they go through this hard ordeal, and give all the Palestinian people and our umma the true peace they are seeking with dignity and liberty.