Muslim Council of Montreal blasts introduction of no-fly list in Canada

June 19, 2007

Montreal, Quebec, June 19, 2007- The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) strongly criticized today the introduction of the no-fly list in Canada, known as the Passenger Protect Program. MCM calls on the federal government to abolish the program and ensure that the constitutional rights of any citizens are not jeopardized haphazardly in the name of safety.

“There are numerous problems with the no-fly list, namely the lack of due process and violation of privacy rights,” stated Salam Elmenyawi, president of MCM. “This program introduces a McCarthy-style injustice in our country that will only serve to encroach on the rights and privacy of innocent Canadians. In the end, such a measure does very little to make the country safer, yet it does great harm to individuals.”

MCM holds national security and public safety as a top priority, yet it warns the government that the enforcement of a no-fly list will not help to make the country a safer place.

“Mr. Harper has a lot of questions to answer. If these individuals are considered to be too threatening to fly on a plane, then why are they walking around freely in the streets? If the RCMP has evidence that these individuals are terrorists, then why are such people not charged? And if there is no evidence, then why are their names on this list?”

MCM warns all Canadian Muslims to exercise caution at the airport. Any victims of the Passenger Protect Program or racial profiling at the airport are urged to contact MCM immediately.