Muslim Council of Montreal congratulates party leaders after provincial election

March 28, 2007

Montreal, Quebec, Mar. 28th, 2007- The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) offers its congratulations to the winners of this week’s provincial election.

“Our leaders have now a serious responsibility on their hands, to govern under a minority government,” stated Salam Elmenyawi, president of MCM. “It is a tough balancing act. We hope they will all work together, for the betterment of our province and people.”

MCM hopes that now that the election campaign is over, the issues facing our society will be addressed in a mature and rational manner, as opposed to in a simplistic and emotional way.

“We also hope that our political leaders will respect and protect the rights of minority groups. The diversity of our society is something that makes our province unique and strong. Let us embrace and celebrate this diversity and all come to work together.”