Post Election Feb 2006

January 23, 2006

Alhmdou lillah, we done what we could to get the best exposure for Muslims in this election campaign. But now we should look beyond this election, as we learned our lessons from this election and the last ones.

It is certainly too late to wait until the election to start campaigning fro our issues. We should have a five year plan to help protect our rights, and before the next election is called (which may be very soon).

The following points should be acted upon as soon as possible by everyone, individuals and organisations:

1) Tonight, regardless who will win, we can expect a lot of changes at the Liberal party. Supposedly the moderate party. Muslim youths should start by now buying membership to the Liberal party, to make sure that the new party leader is a moderate and willing to listen attentively to Muslims, and to make sure that no one will be allowed to influence the party so strong against our causes. Unfortunately, current leadership of the party gave us the worse of the 'Left' and the worse of the 'Right' ideologies. They tilted strongly to the 'Left,' and away from religion, and strongly to the 'Right' and away from social solidarity. We have to work toward correcting this shift from within the party. This could easily be done from within the party if we have good number of Muslims becoming members of the party. This will also give chance for number of Muslims to contest next election, soon to come, in the ridings where Muslims constitute large numbers. Such as Papineau, South Shore, Ahuntsic, and other ridings that may become vacant tonight.

2) Members of the Muslim community should also start to become active within all other parties, including the Bloc and the Conservative parties. We will hold a workshop for all those who are interested to get involved in politics within few weeks to study these issues, inshaa Allah.

3) MCM will offer maximum help to Muslims who wish to work to advance the community' interests in the political arena. If you feel you have the capability to work in this field, please contact MCM, and give your coordinates to be able to invite you for consultation and follow up meetings.

4) Information on how to become member of all Federal and Provincial parties could be obtained from the parties websites, links listed below, please post it for the benefit of your members.

5) If you are reading this message now, and you believe you should be invited to the workshop and the future planning of this project, please contact MCM indicating your interest to be included on the list of concerned Muslims who wish to work toward a better future in Canada.

If you have any comment or suggestion please forward it by email as soon as possible.