Transparent Investigation Into Shooting Death Of Annas Mohamed

December 12, 2005
Muslim Council Of Montreal Calls For Transparent And Timely Investigation Into Shooting Death Of Annas Mohamed Also expresses concerns regarding possible racial profiling

The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) is very saddened to receive the news of the death of 25 year old Hannas Mohamed who was shot twice by a Montreal police officer last week. Mohamed, who was returning from morning prayers when the incident took place, was shot in the shoulder and heart and died instantly. Montreal police says he was carrying a knife and attempted to stab an officer who was present at the scene of an earlier unrelated arrest.

Based on the testimony of those who knew Mohamed, he was a pious Muslim with an impeccable reputation, and the police allegations against him are completely incompatible with his personality and character. In light of this, MCM is concerned that Mohamed may have been an unfortunate victim of racial profiling or raw racism and, as a result, paid for it with his life.
"I realize that the vast majority of police officers in this city are dedicated to making the streets of Montreal safe and perform an outstanding service," stated Salam Elmenyawi, President of the Muslim Council Of Montreal, "but it only takes few people in the police force to tarnish the reputation of all police officers and this would be unfortunate."
The Muslim Council Of Montreal calls on the Mayor, the Minister of Public Security, the Chief of Police and the Police Department to once again publicly reiterate its commitment to a zero tolerance towards racism and racial profiling of any kind.
"It is important to the Muslim community that the investigation into Mohamed's death be seen as both transparent, independent and done in a timely fashion without any stalling," stated Elmenyawi.
"It is also important that those who have committed any wrong doing must be held accountable for their actions," he further stated.
Montreal's Muslim community are eager to know what really happened as they are very concerned about this incident and feel less safe on the street's of Montreal.
"I hope we can get honest and straight forward answers very soon, and that this incident does not sour the relations between the police and the Muslim community," Elmenyawi said.