Civil Liberties: A Communal Struggle
MCM First Annual Community Dinner-Conference

November 30, 2005

In the anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Muslim Council of Montreal is holding its First Annual Community Dinner / Civil Liberty & Human Rights Conference on December 10th, 2005.

As a growing religious minority in a post 2001 context, the Montreal Muslim community finds itself defending its rights on a daily basis. This struggle to protect basic religious freedoms and civil liberties has become increasingly effective over the years as we have learned how to work with government officials and communicate our message through media agencies. However, at the same time the demand and urgency for advocacy work has also grown at a rapid pace.

At the forefront of this movement, the Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) works daily to protect our rights here at home. Through media relations, action alerts, grassroots organizing and government lobbying the MCM strives to articulate the opinions and positions of Muslims living in Montreal. Victories includes the recent June 15th legal ruling by the Quebec Human Rights Commission, that private schools have a duty to reasonably accommodate students' religious beliefs, protecting the right of sisters to wear the hijab in class.

There is still much work to be done in this communal struggle, your support is urgently needed. Please join us at this special Conference and Dinner to reflect on the Community' need and how we can all help.

When: Saturday December 10th, 2005. Dinner at 6:00 PM sharp.
Where: CEGEP Vieux Montréal, 255 rue Ontario East (Metro Berri-UQUAM)

Speakers from across Canada include

  • Dr. Munir El-Kassem, Keynote Speaker
  • Br. Adil Charkaoui, who was detained without charges under the Security Certificate.
  • Dr. Monia Mazigh, Sr. Monia works as a policy analyst for the New Democratic Party in Ottawa. She ran a successful campaign to free her husband, Maher Arar, from unlawful detention in Syria.

Special Guests/Speakers

  • Hon. Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Maître Dominique Larochelle and Maitre Gills Trrudeau are Quebec Legal Aid lawyers who have been sincerely working on Br. Charkaoui's case.
  • Maître Noel St-Pierre, well known Montreal constitutional lawyer.
  • Mr. Fo Niemi, a Montreal Human Rights activist who has been working with MCM in fighting racism and discrimination.
  • The families of the recent five Muslim victims of the Security Certificate.
  • And other individuals who have been working hard to defend our rights.

The event was organised in cooperation with the United Muslim Students Association.

Seats are limited, please call or email to reserve your tickets.
Cost: $15.00, $35 for family of four, $10.00 for students.
Dinner is included in the ticket price.

You can reserve or obtain your tickets through the following:
  • Br. Hameed Uddin West Island, (514) 836-9866 or email:
  • Br. Issam Elkafrawi St-Laurent, (514) 574-2612
  • Sh. Sufyan Omar Masjid Assunnah Annabawiah (or check at the Library)
  • Br. M. Shafique South Shore, (450) 442-3515
  • Sr. Hind Charkaoui (514) 290-5589 or email:
  • Sr. Hind El-Hitar email:

For Information please call: (514)748-8427

Tickets will also be available at number of masjids around the city.