MCM calls on Muslims to support the victims of Saturday's Earthquake in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan

October 9, 2005

The MCM has been deeply saddened by the news that Saturday's powerful earthquake has devastated regions in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan causing a very large number of fatalities, injuries and destructions.

Initial reports estimate more than 53,000 killed and 65,000 people believed injured and 3.0 million homeless according to Pakistan Major-General Shaukat Sultan.

The Muslim Council of Montreal urges Muslims everywhere to make special duaa in this holy month of Ramadan for the victims of the quake, and to donate generously to help them at this difficult time.

The Muslim Council of Montreal is organising a relief fund to collect donations and zakat to help the victims. Please donate and make special appeal to Muslims at your organisation to help their Muslim sisters and brothers who were victimised by this devastating earthquake, all cheques should be made payable to JFM (Re: quake victims), tax receipts will be issued inshaa Allah.

Jazakoum Allaho Khiran for your support and your duaa.