Muslim Council Of Montreal Condemns London Attack

July 7, 2005

Calls on the media, political leaders, so-called terrorism and Islam experts and the general public to proceed with caution and not generalise about Islam and Muslims
Montreal July 7, 2005 (MCM)—The Muslim Council of Montreal (MCM) condemns the series of bomb blasts that rocked London's public transportation earlier today.
"Our hearts and sympathies go out to the victim's families of this terrible attack," stated MCM President Salam Elmenyawi

"There is no confirmation of who is responsible for today's bombings, but regardless of who committed this terrible crime, MCM calls on the media, political leaders, so called terrorism and Islam experts and the general public to proceed with caution and be careful not to generalise and start accusing Islam and Muslims, as such attitude is counter-productive," cautioned Elmenyawi.

"It is important that this tragic event not be used as a pre-text to pre-judge people based upon their religious affiliations or background. It is also important that we all resist blaming any community or faith for the actions of criminals and remain diligent in defending the traditions of justice and fairness in order to ensure that the innocent not be blamed for this crime," he further stated.

Elmenyawi also expressed frustration over the suggestion that anyone trying to advance the interests of Muslims would perpetuate such an act.

"For God's sake, who can claim that these activities can advance the interests of Muslims? Whoever did this has got to be either a lunatic, an idiot or an enemy of Islam."

"Deliberately attacking civilians can never be justified according to the teachings of Islam", he said.