Muslim Council Of Montreal Condemns Attack On Jewish School Library

April 5, 2004

Montreal April 5, 2004 (MCM): Yet again our city has witnessed a despicable hate crime. The library of Montreal's United Talmud Torahs School was set ablaze on Monday morning and it is being reported that anti-Semitic leaflets were found on the scene. The fire inflicted heavy damage on the building as well as books and computer equipment.

The Muslim Council Of Montreal (MCM) condemns this racist targeting of Jewish institutions and calls on the authorities to be diligent in investigating this incident as a hate crime until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

"There must be a zero tolerance towards all forms of hate and intolerance in our city," stated MCM President Salam Elmenyawi.

"I call on all Montrealers to work against all forms of racism and intolerance and to speak out against all forms of bigotry and hatred," he further stated.

Elmenyawi further added that: "Any and all attempts to stigmatize and spread hate against any community, and in this case the Montreal Jewish community, must not be permitted, and Montreal's Muslim community will be the first to speak out against this hate as everyone is hurt when these types of actions take place."

MCM holds the position that a police hate crimes task force needs to be established immediately which will be dedicated to investigating these types of incidents.